History of Axedo Solutions AG

The company history of Axedo Solutions AG stands for continuous growth, innovative spirit, high quality in project management and last but not least the boldness and courage to develop new business opportunities.  The most important milestones:

2006 up till now
Axedo has extended its activities to international projects in all fields of <aviation>, in cooperation with INFORM GmbH, Germany.  The developing team of Axedo has grown to a strong 16-member team based in Romania.

2003 to 2005
Axedo focused on marketing and the implementation of SP-Expert and e:time (today known as WebRoster) throughout Switzerland by companies mainly in transport and logistics, health care, airports, food, call centers, securities and industries.

2002 Merger of Axedo Solutions AG and zetaConsult GmbH
The successful cooperation with zetaConsult led to a merger in 2002, as a result, Axedo is today’s parent company of zetaConsult.  The handling of client projects with complex standard software solutions has gained increasing importance.

zetaConsult GmbH, Switzerland
zetaConsult was founded in 1994 as a spin-off of a subsidiary of Kaba company. In 1996 zetaConsult began with sales, installation, training and maintenance of
SP-Expert, a project of today’s Interflex Datensysteme GmbH, Germany.

The foundation for the cooperative partnership with zetaConsult was laid.  Axedo developed their application modules for time and order time recording. The modules are still in use today by several renowned Swiss companies.

From 1999
The implemented ERP-System <ProConcept> by ALU Menziken became incorporated in Axedo’s product portfolio.  This has induced an intensive cooperation with the developers of the system, ProConcept, Switzerland. 

Founded in 1997
Axedo Solution was founded by five equal partners on 1. August 1997 as a spin-off of ALU Menziken AG, Switzerland.   Its main activities involved the software development with Oracle Tools for production, maintenance, and support of systems, which were in operation within the entire company of ALU Menziken AG.

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