Consulting & Training at Axedo Solutions AG

Our consultants accompany you every step of the way from transition to maintenance.  Thanks to over ten years of expertise they are familiar with all potential issues, which are necessary to solve every situational demand.

Specifically it means:

  • We support you before purchasing a system by assessing potential software modules and add-ons
  • We can counsel you on system integration, i.e. about the impact of solutions to your entire IT system environment.
  • An intensive international cooperation with other institutions and companies, enables us to have access to a large case of best practice approaches, which guarantees sustainable solutions, which has successfully been proven in everyday life.

By the training during and after a project we focus solely on your needs.  From the standard training to the systematic backup of knowledge transfer through customized user training to individual training for system administrators.

Axedo-Coaching makes it fun.

Axedo works with the concept called SIMPLE.
Please, have a look at a glance:

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